Speaker lineup!

The ‘Adventures in Horticulture Garden Club’ got off to a great start with everyone who joined the Q&A session last weekend! It was a fabulous opportunity for us all to chat, get to know each other and exchange ideas.

However its about time I confirmed the lineup of speakers to come, now obviously you all know Rosy Hardy of Hardys Cottage Garden Plants. She has very kindly taken time out of her busy schedule to give us a live talk from her nursery.

We have also got some extra speakers lined up for you as a treat!

Rosy and Rob Hardy sitting in their 22nd RHS Chelsea Flower Show gold medal winning display – from Hardys website

August 27th – 7PM (BST)

Rosy Hardy of Hardys Cottage Garden Plants – Rosy really needs no introduction as she is an absolute giant in the world of Horticulture. Vice president of the RHS and an absolute hero of mine since I first set my feet on the path of working in gardens. Not to mention one of the best people to do a treasure hunt with! Herself and her husband Rob have won more Golds than possibly anyone else with their incredible displays and I’m hoping Rosy will show us her ‘Frilly knickers’!

The talk will be live from their Nursery in Priory Lane, Freefolk, Whitchurch RG28 7FA and be available for a month on the Patreon site exclusively.

September 10th – 7PM (BST)

Mark Lane – BBC Gardeners World

Mark is best known for his appearances on Gardeners World but he is also an excellent ambassador for an important charity I have written an article for, Gardening for Disabled. He is very kindly giving his time to talk to us about the work they do and answer any questions about how we can get involved

“Extremely creative, productive and with a unique perspective on life, landscape design, gardening, art history and disability, Mark Lane has led a remarkable life. He has gained recognition as a first-class landscape designer, being the UK’s first garden designer in a wheelchair, as well as the first BBC gardening presenter in a wheelchair.”

BBC Gardeners World

And this particular talk is open to all for the bargain donation of just £3.00 to non subscribers (free to Patreon subscribers)

Mark Lane & Gardening for Disabled Talk

All proceeds from this talk will go directly to Gardening for disabled. Once registered you will receive a link to the talk which takes place live at 7pm on Sept 10th 2020. Alternately you will receive a link to watch the recording to the email address used to pay


Steven Edney – Head gardener, The salutation, available for private consultation & design, RHS herbaceous committee, plant trials, BBC radio contributor, Chelsea Gold winner

September 24th – 7PM (BST)

Steven Edney, Head Gardener of Salutations, Gold medal winner at Chelsea and Hampton Court and now sailing off to exciting pastures new will be giving us his talk on how you cope with a salt water flood when curating a historically important Lutyens garden.

The talk will be live and you will be able to ask him questions and then be available for a month on the Patreon site exclusively.

Phil Gilmartin – Pro Vice Chancellor International & Professor of Plant Molecular Genetics @UniofHull
. Primula heterostyly lab hosted @plantscileeds

October 15th – 7PM (BST)

Dr Phil has very kindly offered to give us a completely free, gratis, science talk all about Primula heterostyly “Darwin to Genetics & Genomics”. This is the sort of thing that is perfect for those of us that enjoy something a bit more geeky and also for those of you who are studying for your RHS qualifications!

The talk will be live and you will be able to ask him questions and then be available for a month on the Patreon site exclusively.

Colin Moat – Owner of Pinewood Plants with his 2 hero’s of Horticulture. Everyone is managing to look wonderfully awkward! 😀

October 29th – 7PM (BST)

I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Colin since I met him on a freezing cold day unexpectedly in a field of Hamamelis. He describes himself as keen Propagator, Gardener, and perennial enthusiast, and long suffering Spurs fan but this doesnt give you any clue to his depth and breadth of knowledge and experience!

Breeder of Epimediums and a member of the RHS committee’s he can tell you more about plants for those awkward shady dry positions than I could shake a stick at!

The talk will be live and you will be able to ask him questions and then be available for a month on the Patreon site exclusively.

I will of course be adding to this list but I think this is enough for you all to take in at the moment. Dates are still being confirmed for …

  • Tom Morey, Owner of Pops Plants and holder of the National collection of Double Auricula
  • Harriet Rycroft, Queen of pots and co author of Cotswold Wild Animal Park and Gardens
  • Alison Levey, the UKs No1 garden blogger
  • Barbara Segall, Author of numerous wonderful garden books

And many more familiar names which I haven’t managed to nail down to a date quite yet but obviously the more subscribers we get the more speakers we will get!

So for just a fiver a month (+VAT) the equivalent of a London pint you get access to a world of horticulture and a worldwide community all sharing their thoughts, knowledge and ideas!

Get subscribing!!

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