I had an Idea!

This is still just a very basic idea in so many ways but with Covid 19 putting the kybosh on many gardening clubs Ive been trying to work out a way I can bring you the same benefits of being a member of a gardening club only from the comfort of an armchair. You can even join in with meetings, learn new skills etc and all by joining in with my Adventures in Horticulture exclusive Patreon club!

Now bear with me, I will still be blogging for free (and if you enjoy that you’re welcome to just buy me a Ko-fi … or not, the choice is yours), and I will of course still be answering plant questions on Twitter (and hopefully getting them right most of the time!) but with Patreon im hoping to offer you even more!

Ive set up 5 tiers of involvement that hopefully will have something for everyone and of course the more people who get involved the more I will be able to dedicate time to it!

More than anything at this stage I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback so please, click on the link and let me know what you think!!


7 Replies to “I had an Idea!”

  1. It’s a good idea, best of luck with building it up. i reckon your top whack tier of 50 quid a month is pretty pricy especially when compared to what that will buy you out in the market. Netflix, amazon prime, Disney channel, rhs, hps, garden magazine subs, all significantly less. In fact i reckon I could get all of that for quite a bit less than 50 quid a month. Your content will need to be super compelling and unique to attract punters at that price, I suspect. Still, what do I know, perhaps it’ll fly off the virtual shelves. Best of luck with it all, i definitely think its time has come.


    1. Hiya, the £50 a month is for a garden club and it works out at about £1 per person. For individual membership its a range between £1 to £8 depending on what you choose. sorry you havent understood this!
      My Netflix subscription is about the same as the top tier individual rate.
      Its still cheaper than an RHS subscription or in fact most of the ones you’ve listed so that’s confusing, and given that most of the best speakers on the circuit charge well over a ton per pop its a very cheap alternative.
      I’m really not sure you’ve understood the tier pricing but that in itself is helpful as it means i haven’t made it simple enough 🙂


      1. Aha i see, you’re right, I misunderstood, apologies. I thought it was 50 quid a month for an individual, makes much more sense as you describe it. Good luck with it all Lou.

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      2. lol thank god for that, it has however highlighted a problem, for which i thank you! I need to work out how to make this obvious 🙂


      3. I think i thought the tier was called gardening club, rather than that being the end customer if you see what I mean.


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